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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership


What is an AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)?

Doctoral Training Partnership is the new name for the AHRC ’Block Grant Partnership’. It is a grant of multiple studentships awarded to Cambridge for the period 2014-2019.

AHRC also offers Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDA) but these must be applied for in conjunction with a research project and supervisor.


Can I apply to more than one university for an AHRC award?

Yes, you may apply to more than one University but if you are offered an AHRC studentship place by different universities, you must choose which one to accept.


How might a fees-only (i.e. EU) award holder find funding for maintenance (living expenses)?

Non-UK European nationals can apply for funding through the University as part of the application through the applicant portal.

Students should also look for funding offered by their college, department or external sources.


I am currently a PhD student at Cambridge, how do I apply for an AHRC award?

PhD students who commenced their first year of study in October 2017 are eligible to apply.

Submit the 'AHRC application form' to the Student Registry via email to  by the deadline - see 'Application Process'. Two references are required for all applicants, one of which should be from your current supervisor. You may use your original GRADSAF application for study. See the previous section on 'application process'.


Is the programme of study at Cambridge University for which I am applying, eligible for AHRC funding?

Please enquire with your Department/Faculty about eligibility under the AHRC DTP’s subject areas.


Am I eligible to apply?

Your eligibility depends on academic and residency criteria: - see the previous section on ‘application Process’.


If I have already started my doctoral degree, may I apply for an AHRC award?

You may apply if you have already commenced your doctoral study in October 2017; the minimum period of support is two years/6 terms full-time or three years/9 terms part-time study.


If I have applied for a doctoral award before, may I apply again?

If you have applied for a doctoral award once before, and been unsuccessful, then you may re-apply. You are not eligible to apply if you have applied for a doctoral award and been unsuccessful on two previous occasions, i.e. you cannot apply to the Doctoral Awards Scheme for a third time. The only exception to this is if your research proposal or institution where you plan to undertake your doctorate has changed substantially from any previous application you have made. You should make a case in your proposal to justify why you feel the changes allow you to submit a third doctoral application.


How will my AHRC application be assessed?

Your AHRC application will be assessed by your department in competition with other applicants. Departments will nominate the top candidates for AHRC awards at the University level; in some areas, several departments will nominate candidates for awards in the same AHRC subject area. The University has set up an AHRC DTP Panel, led by two Heads of Schools, which will manage and monitor the AHRC DTP process and which will finalise the allocation of Studentships.

Each application is judged on its own merits. The assessment is based on the entire application, including the information and evidence provided about your ability, aptitude, commitment and preparedness for postgraduate study, and the quality of work you will produce.


How will I know if I have been successful?

If you have applied for an AHRC award, you will receive an offer letter from the Student Registry from March 2018.  Further offers will be made as reserve places become available. Unsuccessful applicants are not notified on the outcome of their application.


How will students be notified to the AHRC?

Nominations will be submitted electronically to the AHRC using a web server called 'Joint electronic Submission' (Je-S) in October. Nominated students will need to enter their personal details onto a Je-S account before the University completes the institutional sections. If you are selected for nomination, your department will send you instructions on what to do.

You will receive instructions on how to register on the JeS system with your award letter. We will post an alert on our website when JeS nominations are open for the next academical year.


What is the value of an award?

PhD Students

Home UK settled (and equivalent) students are eligible for a full studentship University Fees plus a maintenance stipend of £14,553 in 2017/18.

Eligibility of EU candidates will be clarified as soon as possible, please check back for further information in due course.

EU students who have been resident in the UK for the three years prior to the start of their doctoral studies for the purposes of work or education are also eligible for a full studentship as above.

EU students ordinarily resident in the EU /EEA are eligible for a "fees-only" award (University Fees).

When will my financial tracker be updated?

The Admissions Office will be advised of all AHRC awards accepted and will update your financial tracker during March. Any subsequent awards made to reserve candidates will be updated as and when awards are accepted.


I have been offered a college shared award what does this mean?

Some Cambridge AHRC DTP doctoral studentships are shared with specific colleges. The award may involve changing colleges from your initial preference. Please note that if you are offered a college-shared award that involves changing colleges, the offer is dependent on you agreeing to move colleges. If you do not wish to change colleges, please ensure that you tick the relevant box in section ‘b’ of the AHRC application form when applying.

If you are offered a college-shared award, your acceptance will be taken as confirmation that you have agreed to change college. Following your acceptance, we will arrange for the necessary processes to be undertaken to confirm your change of College.


Can I defer the start of my award?

Applicants who are unable to commence their studies in the Michaelmas Term may apply to defer entry to the following Lent Term (January). Applicants should bear in mind that applications are not automatically approved. It is not possible to defer entry to the Easter Term (April).

Applicants who wish to apply for deferred entry need to email Fees and Funding Team ( requesting permission from the AHRC DTP to defer their award to Lent Term and should have the agreement of their Department/College and Supervisor.


What if I have further questions?

If your question is not covered above, please contact the Fees and Funding Team (