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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership


What the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will do

Vision: Building on a Tradition of Innovation

The University of Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will train the very best arts and humanities scholars to the highest standards.

It will produce leaders in a wide range of academic and non-academic areas.

The Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership is distinctive because:

  • it is integral to the strategy of a true world leader in education and research;
  • it builds on the centuries of tradition which have made Cambridge a world leader;
  • it recognizes that the tradition on which it builds is one of continual innovation;
  • it benefits from Cambridge’s knowhow in turning continual innovation into the highest international standards;
  • it is planted in a particularly lively intellectual and research environment;
  • it offers access to the best in academic and professional training and development;
  • it offers access to genuinely world-class educational and research facilities and resources;
  • it offers access to excellent quality control, coordination, and institutional support for individual students.

Students within the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will be an integral part of a community of researchers which is internationally recognized.

They will have the opportunity to develop far-reaching collaborative activities across a unique range of disciplines and thematic focal points.

The University of Cambridge remains a preferred destination for arts and humanities scholars because:

  • Cambridge is home to a critical mass of research-active staff of the very highest calibre, working across an array of subject areas;
  • Cambridge academics in turn attract a particularly large community of doctoral students from all over the world;
  • Cambridge’s 31 autonomous Colleges offer very particular academic and intellectual benefits, including enhanced openings for interdisciplinary discussion, knowledge exchange and collaboration;
  • Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership students benefit from membership of a College as well as a Faculty/Department.

Arts and humanities scholars at Cambridge have access to a remarkable concentration of the very finest research resources, including:

  • one of the UK’s five legal deposit libraries;
  • unique manuscript and rare book collections;
  • specialist subject libraries of international standing;
  • world-class museums.

The Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will offer a range of innovative internship and training opportunities which will enable its students to derive maximum benefit from these exceptional resources.

Aims: Enabling the Best, Promoting Excellence, Benefiting Society

The Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will enable the very best UK and EU postgraduate students:

  • to contribute to and benefit from a truly world-class multidisciplinary centre of excellence;
  • to work in an environment which concentrates all major areas in the Arts and Humanities within a single Higher Education Institution;
  • to work in an environment where the principles of communication and governance are highly democratic;
  • to have a central role in making decisions about their research and education from the outset of their doctoral training.

The Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will promote excellence in research and education by:

  • building on the University’s democratic ethos to strengthen students’ sense of their potential to become future leaders in the academic and research professions;
  • preparing them to fulfil that potential through training to the highest standards in their respective disciplines.

The Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will benefit society at large, and so fulfil the University’s democratic mission, by:

  • developing highly skilled, creative and critically proficient individuals;
  • empowering them to have a significant impact on a broad spectrum of activities in the cultural, creative and business sectors.

Objectives: Tailored Training for Maximum Career Support

The University of Cambridge will:

  • recruit students of the very highest calibre to the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership, across all relevant subject areas;
  • provide our postgraduate students with the best tailored support in their research/preparation for and completion of excellent dissertations which make an outstanding contribution to their field;
  • to this end provide top-level supervision from academic specialists in a student’s given field.

In addition to excellent supervision, the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will:

  • provide students with access to numerous existing training opportunities and exciting innovations in personal and professional development;
  • ensure that postgraduates within the Partnership acquire the skills sets best suited to their needs;
  • enable students to develop the subject-specific and transferable skills they need to complete their research project to the highest level;
  • enable students to maximize their chances of success in a career relating to their discipline if that is their wish;
  • provide students with skills that are transferable to a wider range of academic- and research-related careers;
  • prepare and support students in broader terms for transition to a successful career in whatever field they choose.

Training within the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership will include:

  • Arts and Humanities Research Methods initiatives;
  • Research Leadership initiatives;
  • opportunities to learn about and engage in outreach and knowledge-exchange activities;
  • a greater number of tailored internships.

In developing this last set of initiatives, the University of Cambridge will draw on its extensive, ever-expanding network of partners and collaborators both within the international Higher Education community, and in the broader world.