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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership


The University has been successful in gaining AHRC studentships for 2014-2018 as part of the AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership programme. The Cambridge AHRC DTP is hosted by the School of Arts and Humanities.

Please note that the Cambridge AHRC DTP is no longer accepting applications from prospective students.

Information on how to apply for scholarships via the Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership for entry in 2019/20 is available on

AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership Scheme

The AHRC DTP offered the following awards:

  • The Doctoral Awards Scheme provides support for students undertaking doctoral study. Students should apply through this scheme even if their initial registration is as a probationary PhD student (NOTAF).


AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (2014-2018 intake)-Subject Areas available Doctoral awards
AHRC Panel Subject
A History
A Law and Legal Studies
A Philosophy
A Political Science and International Studies (Diplomacy & International Relations)
A Theology, Divinity and Religion
B Design
B Visual Arts: Fine Art History, Theory and Practice
B Media: New Media/Web-Based Studies
B Media: Film History, Theory and Criticism
B Music
B Media: Television History, Theory and Criticism
B Languages and Literature: Ethnography and Anthropology
C Visual Arts: Art History
C Archaeology
C Classics
D Languages and Literature (Including these Level 2 subjects from Annex C: American Studies, Lifewriting, History and Development of English Language, Literary and Cultural Theory, Post-Colonial Studies, Comparative Literature, Medieval Literature, Comparative Studies, Gender and Sexuality)
D Languages and Literature: Asiatic & Oriental Studies
D Languages and Literature: Celtic Studies *
D Languages and Literature: English Language and Literature
D Languages and Literature: French Studies
D Languages and Literature: Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin Studies
D Languages and Literature: Italian Studies
D Languages and Literature: Middle Eastern & African Studies
D Linguistics
D Languages and Literature: Russian, Slavonic and Eastern European Studies *
D Languages and Literature: German Studies (including Dutch and Yiddish)

* Awards available through Collaborative 'Type B' Grants. Please see Cambridge AHRC DTP website above for further information.