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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership


Cambridge AHRC DTP Training

A wide range of training opportunities are available to AHRC DTP students. A Doctoral Training Facilitator is employed by the University to faciliate the training and guide you through the training opportunities available to you throughout your doctoral studies.

Core events

All DTP students are expected to attend the following events. Of course there may be occasions where this is not possible, but if this is the case you are asked to inform the AHRC Doctoral Training Facilitator.

There are two core training strands that will run throughout your three years of doctoral study. These are Research Methods and Research Leadership. Both strands will consist of termly events put on for each student cohort: further details can be found in the pages on this website set up for your cohort.

A DTP induction day is run for new students early in Michaelmas Term.

An End‐of‐Year Cohort Day takes place at the end of easter term for new students;

An annual DTP lecture for all DTP students;

The dates of the core training events is publicized at the Induction Day and will be published on the webpages for each cohort when available.


Other training opportunites

Other training events will be available throughout the year. Further details can be found for each cohort on this website. The AHRC Doctoral Training Facilitator will also advise and remind you of these opportunities throughout the year.



All Cambridge AHRC DTP students are welcome to undertake placements or internships with external organisations during their time at the university. The Cambridge AHRC DTP has formed close links with a number of prestigious external organisations, all of whom it is hoped will be able to offer partnerships to DTP students and also provide training sessions. For further information, and if you are interested in undertaking a placement, please contact the AHRC DTP Partnerships Officer.


Additional funds for training

Further information can be found here.